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Grief and Loss

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International Retreats

Travel overseas and experience the dynamic interaction with different cultures while learning concepts that promote personal wellness and emotional healing.


Increase knowledge on a variety of topics, from parenting, to child development, military counseling, and the enneagram.

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International Retreats


Learn a new grief and loss model that recognizes all forms of loss and framed in a wellness and developmental perspective.  Trainings for counselors, counselor educators, and personal growth groups are offered.

Individual Counseling

Online counseling provides a convenient and personalized opportunity to reflect on personal goals and insights. 

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Growth Groups

Get unstuck by learning from the wisdom of a group. The leaders facilitate an experience that blends a mix of new knowledge with insightful reflection to support the achievement of personal goals.


Emotionally supportive and intellectually challenging supervision for counselors in Virginia and Illinois seeking their LPC or LCPC, with a specialty in trauma, child counseling or military counseling.  Supervision for the Play Therapy Certification is also available.

Workshop Topics

Topics for workshops, growth groups, and consultation

  • Transcending Model of Grief and Loss

  • Creative Interventions to Work With Grief and Loss

  • Living Wholeheartedly

  • Understanding yourself through the Enneagram

  • John Gottman's Principles to Make Marriage Work

  • Play Therapy

  • Sand Tray Therapy

  • Military Mental Health and Wellness

  • Child Development

  • The Impact of Trauma

  • Applications of Neuroscience on Counseling

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