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Grief and Loss Consultation and Supervision

The Transcending Model of Grief and Loss is designed to help counselors recognize the spaces that grief can bring people to, as well as how to navigate those spaces. It is a way to conceptualize the process that loss entails for integration. Grief is not a problem to solve, but a human experience that we need to join each other in.  This model is not a map in that it spells out a step by step guide on how to resolve the pain from grief, but rather a framework to help the clients recognize and figure out how to navigate their personal grief journey. Drs. Katie Atkins and Sonya Lorelle are available for group and individual consultation for counselors who would like to discuss clinical aspects of applying the TMGL model with clients.  Contact us to learn more.

Individual Consultation Prices: 

$125 for 30 minutes

$225 for 60 minutes 

Group therapy

Grief Consultation Groups

Drs Sonya Lorelle and Katie Atkins offer twice a month open  consultation groups for learning how to apply the TMGL in counseling.  These consultation groups are for counselors working with all clients that are experiencing all types of loss, not just death related losses.  The groups will help counselors to: 

The TMGL is framework that helps to:

•Normalize Grief: It is an inevitable and human experience and ongoing throughout life

•Recognize Grief: Counselors need to see it and name it to help clients navigate these spaces  

•Individualize the Grief Process: Grief is not a prescriptive process

•Conceptualize Grief for Treatment Planning: Should be viewed through a developmental lens

If you are a counselor wanting to learn more about the TGML model, Dr. Atkins and Dr. Lorelle host a monthly consultation group. Fill out the form below. 

Group Consultation Prices: 

$75 for 60 minutes

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Play Therapy Supervision

Dr. Sonya Lorelle is a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and provides supervision for those seeking the RPT credential.  Her play theoretical orientation is Adlerian Play Therapy. This is a holistic approach that allows me to build the relationship, explore the client’s lifestyle, help the child gain insight, and then reeducate and reorient using new behaviors based on these insights. She believes that behavior has a purpose, and it is important to understand what the child is trying to accomplish, often through the mistaken goals from being discouraged. I’ve also been trained in modalities of sandtray, treating children experiencing trauma, and Level 1 Theraplay. Contact Sonya at dr.sonya.bloominglife  @

Play Therapy Supervision Prices:

$100 for 60 minutes

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